Survey by Morpace Shows Positive Signs for the Sale of Verizone iPhone 4

As per a recent survey conducted on 1,000 consumers, it was found that 51% of the consumers are inclined towards purchasing the expected Verizon iPhone 4, while 29% showed their interest to switch over to Verizon iPhone 4. The figures pose threat to the AT&T and Android.

The report was released by Morpace, which is a market research firm and it stated that most of the consumers who showed interest in buying iPhone compatible on Verizon network were the existing consumers of Verizon only.

During the survey, 23% of all AT&T subscribers expressed their desire to shift over to Verizon fro iPhone 4 and 47% of them said that they may think about changing their choice to iPhone. The inclination towards buying Verizon iPhone 4 was showed by 22% of Sprint subscribers and the figure was 20% for T-Mobile customers.

Also, a third of the consumers were firm not to upgrade to expected iPhone 4 and remain stick to their carrier, indeed a good fact for AT&T, which has sold a number of units of iPhone, since its launch. But, more than one-third exclaimed that they are waiting for getting their iPhone upgraded with the new carrier.

The report stated, "In addition, a sizeable percentage of AT&T's iPhone customers are known to have become dissatisfied with its carrier's service and/or data plans, including network coverage, dropped calls and other issues".

The conclusion of the report stated that with iPhone 4 available on a strong platform Verizon, the sales for the Appleā€™s iPhone are most likely to get boosted up and would affect the market for the other phones dramatically.