27 Years Old Female Polar Bear Euthanized in San Francisco Zoo

San Francisco had a 27 years old female polar bear, which had been a long-term resident in the place, but she lost her life on Thursday. Due to a liver failure, Andy had been euthanized, as she was considered to be in ‘an irreversible medical condition’.

Tanya Peterson, Executive Director and President of the San Francisco Zoo, said, “This is always the hardest decision, but everyone feels this is the right decision for Andy. She was an ambassador for her species and she will be deeply missed by everyone”.

It was in 1985 that this polar bear had been brought to this zoo, and she was considered to be different than all other polar bears on the fact that she did not prefer to feed over meat, rather loved fruit and peanut butter more. She was one of the favorites of all visitors.

It is believed that she had lived longer than usual bears of her species do. Normally, the life period of a captive polar bear is between 20 to 25 years, according to Association of Zoos and Aquariums. But there is one more live polar bear in the zoo, Uulu, who is 29, and is the oldest female polar bear in the entire North America.

Lately, 18 years old Siberian tiger named Tony had also been euthanized at the zoo, as he was undergoing age-related problems, including dementia. In the North American territory, Tony had been the second-oldest male Siberian tiger.