Australian Expert: Asbestos is a Global Threat

Professor Peter Sly, from the Queensland Children's Medical Research Institute at the University of Queensland, Australia, released a paper in the Medical Journal of Australia warning the world’s population and leaders stating that developing countries, specifically in Asia and Eastern Europe, have not put a halt to the processes of mining and importing asbestos despite the widely known dangers of such element.

In his paper, Professor Sly clarified the dangers of asbestos, saying that populations might be eliminated because of the continuous exposure to asbestos. He also added,

“As most of the people who will die of asbestos-related cancers already have asbestos in their lungs, research aimed at preventing or curing these cancers is also vital."

Professor Sly urged experts in the fields of health and environment around the globe to collaborate in order to find methods to ban the mishandling of asbestos and to raise awareness in such countries and around the world, saying that one chief danger of this material is that it would last in the system for decades, even after the stoppage of its use.

Earlier this year, a survey was released showing that 60% of home renovators said that they still use asbestos.