Childcare Centers Need to Follow Certain Standards

State and federal Governments took 20 years to agree with the fact that something should be done for the care of children.

The historic reform program, which was made to improve the childcare centers in the nation, is now under threat.

Childcare centers were first established in 1970s and a research has thrown light on the life of some young children.

The study has found more about the brain development of children and shown the importance of the first five years as to how early experiences can have impact on the emotional and intellectual foundations for the rest of their life.

The research has also shown that how Staff-child ratios, staff qualifications and group sizes have impact on child's day in a childcare centre, longer term adjustment and to school readiness.

The childcare is a system, which is regulated by the states, and is not; but it is far away from the first class. Systems are unable to make a balance between standards and knowledge. In Western Australia, one carer takes care of five children between the age group of 2 to 3 years, whereas in South Australia one carer takes care of 10 children.

There is a huge difference in the quality of centers within the one state, as some adhere to the minimum required standards and others are better than that.

If one centre has well trained qualified staff then another has staff of young women, who don't even have the formal qualifications.