Cancer Council of Australia doesn’t Approve of SPF50+ Sunscreen

The Cancer Council of Australia is against the approval of SPF50+ sunscreen. The new SPF50+ sunscreen is slated to hit the market in 2011. The anti-cancer council says that it will keep promoting the SPF30+ sunscreen under the public health program.

In Australia, many sunscreens are being sold in the market, which have sun protection factor of more than 30. The law doesn't approve of such sunscreens.

As per the Cancer Council, higher sunscreen factor doesn't ensure that it will protect the skin from harmful ultra violet rays. UV rays lead to sunburns and is the main source of melanoma.

As per the council, sunscreens with 30+ protection factor are sufficient for human skin.

Craig Sinclair, the Cancer Council Spokesperson says, "By going to a higher SPF we're not adding a significantly better product in terms of protection and we're concerned that people will think they have a shield of armour on".

Terry Slevin, the Chairman of Cancer Council Skin Committee says that he is worried about the fact that people will expect too much from the new sunscreen.

He further stated that the up-gradation of SPF30 to SPF50 will provide only 1.3% sun protection value and people will not benefit much from the new sunscreen.