Fast-Food Lovers May be Offered Statin Dish at Restaurants!

If a suggestion by British researchers is adhered to, people often visiting fast food restaurants might see some packets of statins being offered to them, which would be placed next to their ketchup along with salt at the self-serve counter.

Emily Ferenczi, BMBCh of Imperial College London, and contemporaries analyzed the regular statin schedules that are enough to counteract the increased heart disease risks that are related to eating a quarter-pounder along with cheese and squatty amounts of milk shake each day.

Researchers argued in the American Journal of Cardiology that statins are quite easily affordable, safe even if consumed at high dosage and pretty efficient at reducing heart disease risks all across patient subgroups, and providing them to people who intend to eat fatty foods, thus going against the medical advice that has been given to them by their doctor.

They also stated that this could not be rationally given as an argument as far as safety is concerned that people should be offered complete freedom at eating anything and everything from a range of lip-smacking food, however, not free to supplement it with a statin.

But along with this, statins are not capable in countering a lot of other health perils caused with the consumption of unhealthy food.