Mosquitoes of North Dorchester Infected by West Nile Virus

It has been reported by the Boston Public Health Commission that yesterday three West Nile virus infected mosquitoes were found in the city.

The sample of all three mosquitoes found in North Dorchester is same. Director of Public Health Commission, Julia Gunn said that they have put larvicide in some of the targeted areas of the city and some spraying has also been done. But they do not have any other plan of taking additional steps at this point of time.

West Nile virus can be easily transferred to humans by mosquito bites and can lead to the development of serious diseases, including meningitis.

No cases of illness have been reported in the state since 2008 and authorities have suggested people not to go out after dark or wear full sleeves clothes and use bug spray.

In addition to this, Lake County Health Services also received the information on Friday about the mosquitoes infected by West Nile virus in Lake County and on Tuesday the sample was collected from area near the community of Upper Lake.

"When properly used, mosquito repellents that have been registered with the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency are safe and effective", said Dr. Karen Tait, Lake County Health Officer.

It has also been found that West Nile virus is present in most of the areas of California, so people must use mosquito repellent if they plan to go outside.