Interest Rates in Treasury Touch New Low with Feeble Retail Sales

Trading in the Treasury looked weak due to which interest rates plunged on Friday, which was also a direct consequence of weakening retail sales report that could not meet the expectations that had been kept by economists.

The rate of the Treasury’s 10-year note saw a hike of 62.5 cents to $99.563, whereas its yield is 2.68%, which slumped by almost 2.75% late on Thursday.

The Commerce Department’s dual readings on spending scenario by consumers depicted that retail sales saw hike of 0.4% in the month of July, which showed a fluctuation in the stocks market.

This marked an improvement, yet it could not reach the height that economists had predicted, that is to see a hike of 0.1% more, all in all.

The obtained report did illustrate that auto sales was sturdy but customers had been showing less interest in purchasing other products or commodities.

Interest rates in the Treasury market have slumped down for the week since traders seem to be somewhat confused about the economy of the United States of America and intend to shift their funds from stocks to Government’s offered security schemes.

Spending from consumers with the labor market continued to be weak and no positive signals have been seen showing that employers are ready to begin employing at a pace that can help the financial setting.