The Little Car Show

Four days to go for the big Concours d'Elegance at Pebble Beach, but a whole lot of events are in progress on the central coast of California. Pacific Grove, which is a tiny village of Victorian homes near Pebble Beach, on the Monterey Peninsula, organized such an event, under the name ‘The Little Car Show’.

The name of the show was apposite, as there could be seen special little cars displayed in the two blocks of downtown. These small cars will remain visible on the streets, in the show as well as at the auctions, throughout the week. A car, which is part of a special collection of little cars, 1951 Mochet CM-125 Luxe, will be put on auction by RM, this weekend.

The tinniest car was a red Tiger Messerschmitt at the Little Car Show. There was no year of manufacture given for the rag-top, sliding-plastic window car. Such a car is equipped with front and back seating for two people.

Austin Healy Bugeye Sprites and a couple nice late '60s Citroen 2CV6 models are also among these tiny cars. A car 1967 Toyota Sports 800 was beautiful, as it was silver in color with black racing stripes. There was a nice beige Bantam, among many American Austins, who were present there.