John Carmack Demonstrates Gaming Engine ‘Rage’ on iPhone 4

John Carmack, a leading personality in the video game sector, marked his presence at the biggest game event QuakeCon and showcased the new id tech 5 gaming engine called Rage by demonstrating its use in iPhone 4.

The device would be compatible with both iPhone 4 and original 2G iPhone. It would also run on an iPad, as told by Carmack.

The Rage works on the MegaTexture technique that enables the users to access a single large surface, rather than using a single small texture tile over a surface. It would facilitate to play the video games of big sizes.

Carmack added that the new advanced engine can run 60 frames per second that would consume more battery of the mobile devices. So, the users will be given an option to run it on 30 frames per second.

For the introduction, the Company has tied itself to the Apple’s products, but next year, the target market for the engine will be the console gaming platforms.

Carmack has created a number of iOS titles that were offered for sale during the QuakeCon event, which brought a series of existing and classic games to the iTunes App Store. It includes games such as Doom, Doom II, Doom Resurrection and Wolfenstein 3D.

Talking about his future plans, Carmack told that he would stick to making motion-based games and is not inclined towards 3D TV.