‘Indestructible Superbug’ Bugs NHS Scotland

The latest reports confirm that Scotland has been hit by the new ‘indestructible superbug’ and the country is in panic. It is believed that there is a widespread panic globally since this superbug is rampant.

In the wake of the pandemic, the Government of Scotland and the health authorities are urging the people to practise hygiene, as the spread of the bug could give way to more fatal threats like E.coli, C.diff and salmonella.

The leading microbiologists at the Cardiff University recognized the NDM-1. The NDM-1 infection is extremely lethal since this infection is resistant to all antibiotics.

Further, reports confirm that all the British cases of the infection essentially had patients who had undergone surgery in India. Thus, it is feared by the doctors that all the people returning to the UK post-treatment abroad are chiefly responsible for the spread of the bug. They are advising that all people should be checked properly.

Commenting on the developments, Health Secretary, Nicola Sturgeon said, "Health protection experts are following developments closely. We have to make sure that all the measures we have put in place to control C.diff and MRSA continue to be followed. These provide the best defense against any infections”.

As per the sources, it has been confirmed by the health chiefs that the sole case of NDM-1 infection has happened at an NHS Lothian hospital. However, limited information about the patient is available.