Study: Walking to School Protects Children from Heart Diseases Later

A new study has surfaced that says walking to school can help in putting stress off the children’s mind in school. The U. S researchers said that a one-mile walk prevents rise in heart rate and blood pressure, which can later develop into cardiovascular diseases.

James Roemmich from the University of Buffalo, who fronted the study, said, "The cardiovascular disease process begins in childhood, so if we can find some way of stopping or slowing that process, it would provide an important health benefit”.

It was seen that the pulse of kids who had taken a ride to school increased 11 beats, while those who walked to school witnessed a leap of three beats per minute.

James said that kids should be motivated to perform physical exercises in lunch breaks, as it has a defensive effect.

The findings of the research have been included in the recent edition of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.

Chief Executive of Living Streets, Tony Armstrong told Mail Online that this new study reinstates the fact that walking actually works. He added that taking a walk not only ensures good health, but is also helps children in learning, and it is the most economical and eco-friendly way to remain fit.

The study is first of its kind to prove that physical activities can lower the odds of cardiovascular diseases in children when they grow up.