Litigation Filed Against Bounce House Manufacturers Over Lead Levels

Jerry Brown, Attorney General of California, has said that the bounce houses may cause problems for children, as they have been found to contain toxic substances such as lead that can cause health-related problems.

The office of Mr. Brown has filed a legal action against the use of bounce house, which are enjoyed by almost every children. Harmful levels of lead have been discovered in these so-called play-houses that also exceeded dozens of times the federal limit.

The litigation came as the inquiry carried out by the advocacy group, Center for Environmental Health in Oakland, Calif., which found the concentration of vinyl in a number of bounce houses that were examined by it.

Mr. Brown stated that he is amazed at the increasing peril posed by the products used by around 2.7 million children under age 5 and as they test more, they found more poisonous products.

He demanded the manufacturing industries to cease using lead-containing vinyl and also suggested rental companies and party hosts to put warnings about lead in bounce houses.

The investigation would hit the bounce-house industry hard and would harm thousands of small-business owners that operate children’s party centers, as stated by Robert Field, Senior Vice President of Cutting Edge Creations Inc.

As told by the Center’s spokesman Charles Margulis, he didn’t mean to stop using the bounce-houses, but the children are advised to wash their hands and faces after playing on them.