Menstrual Pain May Change Structure of Women’s Brain

As per a new research in the journal Pain, it has established that menstrual cramps might in actuality be altering the structure of a woman’s brain.

Primary dysmenorrheal or PDM, and in a layman’s language, menstrual pain that often troubles otherwise healthy women between 20% to 90% teen girls is marked by pain in the lower abdomen that begins with the day menstruation starts and at times the pain can last up till 72 hours.

Jen-Chuen Hsieh, the lead researcher, MD, PhD of the Institute of Brain Science at the National Yang-Ming University in Tapei, Taiwan made use of magnetic resonance imaging scans, in order to take a look at the brains of 32 women, who had a history of undergoing pain whilst their menses would begin.

Scans had been conducted when the women had no pain and then the specialists used scan images to help form a map of the gray matter of the brain.

This portion is full of nerve cells or neurons inside the brain.

Alterations in the volume of the gray matter in the brain were seen amongst those women who experienced painful menses.

The study also illustrated that the gray matter in the brain involved pain being transmitted and led to mood swings.