Chicago Mayor Urges Walgreen Officials to Provide Healthy Food in Poor Areas

On Wednesday, Mayor Richard Daley and executives from Walgreen Co. said that there was an improvement in the city's drive to obliterate "food deserts" in Chicago. It is said that by next week, the drugstore chain will add fresh fruit and vegetables at its four stores. This would take the number of stores on the city's South and West sides to ten.

After some of the main chains had shut down their stores, these poor regions faced a dearth of grocery stores.

Chicago Mayor, Richard Daley along with officials from the Deerfield-based Company took a stroll in the Grand Crossing neighborhood. Daley said that he held a meeting with the firm's persons and asked them to retail healthy food in areas, where there is scarcity of good grocery stores.

Daley said, "This is a great step forward in addressing the challenge of neighborhoods that have limited availability of healthy foods, and I want to thank Walgreens for its commitment to making Chicago a better place and helping Chicagoans live healthier lives".

The City Council was engaged in long-drawn-out discussion if Wal-Mart, which would retail groceries, should be allowed to open in the Pullman neighborhood on the Far South Side. Wal-Mart said that it aims to establish around a dozen stores across the city.