Scientist Explores Repairing Brain Through Stem Cells

Neuro-scientist, Bronwen Connor is excited to go to her workplace each day, which is because she has been able to find a new possibility that stem cells could have the potential to repair the human brain.

The Associate Professor of Pharmacology at Auckland University was really happy with the brain when she appeared for the first year general psychology paper.

Dr. Connor said that she has actually become addicted to the brain ever since she began her university studies.

She said that she is more of a neuro-scientist than being a pharmacologist.

As of for now, research in adult stem cells is quite new. In the year 1998, international scientists made the discovery that adult brains keep on producing stem cells.

Stem cells dwell in the crater of the brain.

The best part that is associated with the stem cells is that they have the capability to repair the brain.

A stem cell is a cell that is not committed or is non-specialized cell, which has no clue of what cell it ultimately would turn into, since it may develop into one of the three various brain cells.

In order to replace the cells that fade away with time, the new cells grow in number to take the place of dying cells.