Tissue Regenix’s New Vascular Patch will Revolutionise the Medicine Field

Tissue Regenix, a YORK-based medical technology firm, got green signal to sell its new product which can bring a radical change in the field medicine.

The Company declared that it has been granted European CE Marking’s permission to launch its dCELL vascular patch, which is used to repair injured veins and valves.

Presently, surgeons use artificially made patch to fix the damaged veins and valves, but Tissue Regenix’s dCELL patch is made from swine tissues. This sterile, biological patch will be placed inside the body of humans in order to repair the damaged vascular.

Experts say that new “scaffold” will reduce the use of anti-rejection medicines as it will repair the broken veins in a natural way.

Tissue Regenix at the same time is seeking FDA’s approval to sell its newly revolutioanised product in the US.

dCELL meniscus will be the other product, which Tissue Regenix is thinking of bringing it in the market. This will help in mending damaged knees.

The Executive Chairman of Tissue Regenix, John Samuel considered the approval to be of great significance in the medicine sector.

As per Tissue’s Managing Director, Antony Odell, the permission is “very much a milestone” for the Company.