Official Statistics Demonstrate Rise in Asthma After Kids Return to School

Official figures have illustrated that the new school term from September increased the instances of asthma amongst kids, who subsequently had to be admitted to a hospital.

The number of young people suffering from asthma is in all likelihood going to find themselves undergoing a treatment process in some hospital in the approaching month than in any other month of the year. However, the cause of such a thing to happen has left doctors in a pack of muddle.

Statistics show that hospital admissions for populace aged less than 16, last September, were 58% up on a standard basis for one given month, as informed by the NHS Information Centre.

September 2008 showed a horrible figure in the increase of such cases by a whopping 103%. Head nurse at Asthma UK, Erica Evans said that main reasons behind this maybe the spread of colds and viruses, stress in the start of the school term and kids going without preventing medicines over the summer holidays could be the ones.

It is well known that more than a quarter of kids suffering from asthma are likely to avoid going to school for six or more days each year because of the condition, which in turn has a very vital knock-on impact upon schoolwork.