Bay Area All Set To Witness A Show of Perseid Meteor Shower

Come Thursday and the Bay Area would be all geared up to witness the annual Perseid meteor shower. It is believed that the meteor shower lights up the night sky, subject to the co-operation from the weather.

A leading astronomer, Ben Burress of the Chabot Space & Science Center in Oakland said, "It's exciting to see a meteor even if you have seen them before. You never know where they're going to be or whether or not they're going to be colorful. It's a little like gold panning. When you see it, you feel rewarded”.

As per the reports, the meteor shower kicks off in every August, which commences on each Thursday and carries on till the Friday morning.

The general belief is that the most suitable time for catching a glimpse of the meteor is after midnight. However, for the current year, it is pressed by the astronomers that the show should be seen from the beginning to end.

Also, in order to enjoy the best possible view, Burress' suggests the areas of Mount Diablo, the Santa Cruz Mountains, the Sonoma area, the outskirts of the Briones Regional Park in the East Bay, Mount Hamilton and Henry Coe State Park in the South Bay.

Playing the spoilsport for the event is the weather, as it is anticipated by the National Weather Service in Monterey that the area in the South Bay on Thursday night and early Friday morning, might witness a possibility of cloudy skies.

Thus, to fully enjoy the magnificence and the beauty of the event, co-operation from weather is expected.