Second Spacewalk Being Revised by NASA

The second spacewalk planned by NASA, to be held on Wednesday, is being revised by the fight controllers. This spacewalk had been scheduled to substitute a coolant pump aboard the International Space Station. But now, another task of cutting off an ammonia leak is also being planned to add in it.

This isolation of an ammonia leak is necessary to make way for the installation of a new pump, which will be done in the third spacewalk on Sunday. A meeting was held at the Johnson Space Center in Houston on Tuesday, where NASA’s space station Mission Management Team was accessing all the preparations of the second spacewalk, and it is expected that a formal discussion will be held on whether to carry on with it on Wednesday or not.

American astronauts Douglas Wheelock and Tracy Caldwell Dyson are to execute this spacewalk. They have been forced to revise their second spacewalk due to the troubles seen with the M3 ammonia line quick-disconnect fitting.

On Saturday, the two astronauts had spent more than eight hours outside the space station to cut off the oven-sized ammonia pump from its mooring, but it eventually led to the leakage of ammonia. But in addition to this, the two astronauts had performed the task of two-spacewalk repair on Saturday only.