Hospitals and PCTs Spent More Than £155,000 on Staff Awards Ceremonies

It has been reported that more than £155,000 have been spent by primary care trusts and hospitals across South Yorkshire on staff awards ceremonies in past five years.

However, the differences across the region are huge, as spending by PCT in Doncaster was 250 times more than in Sheffield.

Using Freedom of Information legislation, figures obtained by The Star showed that how much amount was spent on staff ceremony awards each year.

Both Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and NHS Doncaster and Doncaster were among the biggest spenders in the region.

A total of £54,752 had been spent on the primary care trust over three years. Figures have shown that it spent £17,297 in 2007/08 and £22,571 in 2008/09. While, £3,400 amount came from the same spot but it was put together with £11,484, which came from charitable funds.

In five years, trust spent by hospital is £56,225 with £10,091 in 2005/06, while in 2006/07, it was £12,784, in 2007/08 it was £9,968 and £13,293 and £10,089 in 2008/09 and 2009/10, respectively.

General trust funds contributed more cash as compare to patient care budgets. But in past four years, only one staff awards ceremony was held by primary care trust in Sheffield.