Victims of Bath Salts 'Party Powder' Expected to Rise

Campaigners have warned against the "legal highs" that have resulted in a rise in the number of people requiring hospital treatment, fearing that it could result in a further jump in Scotland in the approaching weeks.

NHS Lothian yesterday claimed that 20 plus people were in need of treatment following the use of the substance. In addition, it has been reported that a majority of them had used a product called Ivory Wave, which is actually a concentrated form of bath salts.

Nearly 50% of these patients were immediately facilitated with a medical treatment.

The victims of Ivory Wave reported to face symptoms as paranoia, hallucinations, psychosis, palpitations, insomnia and anxiety.

Such cases have led to the emergence of endless inquiries from people concerning Ivory Wave in recent weeks, revealed the drugs charity Crew 2000.

It has been outlined that since the product had made a robust publicity prior to its launch, it was highly probable that more people will try using it, thereby; leading to increased victims of is negative impacts.

"The chemicals used in legal highs change all the time so people can never be certain what they are actually taking - and what the effects might be”, posted Jim Sherval, of NHS Lothian."Just because a substance is legal or claimed to be legal, it doesn't mean it is safe".