Fed. Judge Likely to Join Filed Suit Accusing St. Jude Medical Inc

A federal judge has granted permission to the United States to go ahead and join a case proceeding by an ex- St. Jude Medical Inc staff member, who put accusations upon pacemaker and various other heart devices of being involved in a kickback scheme.

U. S. District Judge, Douglas Woodlock in Boston offered a grant to the U. S. request on Monday, which happened almost five years after inspectors brought in the case of alleged kickbacks that related to St. Jude and Medtronic Inc and other large makers of devices that can be implanted.

In an August 5 filing of a case, U. S. Attorney, Carmen Ortiz had written that while the Government in December 2009 had denied taking up any interference, it now had a good amount of reason to go ahead with following additional witness interviews and take a re-look at documents or credentials.

As the per the given complaint, the petitioner, Charles Doigian is of the belief that St. Jude paid kickbacks to doctors, hospitals and various other health care givers so as to attract them at prescribing the products manufactured by it and then providers submitted compensatory claims to Medicare and other programs run by the Federal Government.