RIM Unveils BlackBerry With Touchscreen and Slide-Out QWERTY

First BlackBerry with touchscreen and physical slide-out QWERTY keypad has been unveiled by Research in Motion at a New York City press conference on Tuesday.

This is also the first BlackBerry that runs on 6 OS. The Torch 9800 is set to make its debut on 12th August for AT&T for $200 that comes with a contract stretching for two years.

Similar as the Palm Pre, the Torch has a vertical slide out keypad. The keyboard looks quite similar to the ones found on BlackBerry Bold models that have ergonomic keys.

This phone is somewhat thicker than the other smartphones that are available in the market now, where the Torch dons a measurement of 4.4 by 2.4, which means it is thicker than the other smartphones by 0.6 inches.

It has a 3.2 inch, 360 by 480 capacitive touch display, equipped with multitouch option, further with support in the browser as well as the photo gallery.

The Torch has four buttons on the front side, alike BlackBerry Talk, Menu, Balch and Power/ End. These buttons side the square optical touchpad that can also be used for navigation purposes along with the touchscreen.

Blackberry has been upgraded with a 5 megapixel camera, with depressing photo quality, so it means that the Torch is a better option.