Gray Wolves Kept On Endangered List By USFWS

The ranchers and hunters are angry over the gray wolf, which they claim to kill most of their livestock and game; and this has brought a concern for this animal once again in Montana and Idaho. Under the Endangered Species Act, the gray wolves will be listed as endangered, as ordered by a federal judge.

Also, all the Northern Rockies wolves will be considered as a single population. This would imply that an animal listed endangered in one State, will be listed as endangered in the entire region. Plus, under the Endangered Species Act, the court had ruled a restored protection for these animals; but despite of it, Idaho Fish and Game officials will be seeking federal authorization to kill off more than hundred wolves in the region.

These officials are firm to execute this plan, nixed by the court ruling that it wants the wolf population of Idaho to be reduced by 40%, from 845 to 500.

Wyoming Game and Fish Department Spokesman Eric Keszler said, “They [wolves] breed pretty prolifically. When young wolves get older, they strike out and find new territory, and get into livestock areas where they have to be removed”.

Besides, the Wyoming law gives free access to the hunters to kill wolves in majority of the areas of the State, if they aren’t listed as endangered. Hence, the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) is keeping them on the endangered list.