Antennagate Not to End Until Apple Ships a New iPhone Model

Apple will soon be shipping a new iPhone model, but not until June 2011, i. e. 10 months from now. As Apple's next phone will put an end to the iPhone antenna debate permanently, its antenna will work perfectly with or without a protective bumper or case. The iPhone 4's antenna reduction problem is as terrible as some of the other smartphones also face, claimed Cupertino. Antennagate won't die until Apple fixes the trouble. Recently, Mark Papermaster, the Apple Engineering Executive, who was behind the iPhone 4's antenna design, left the company.

This can be an example of how Cupertino is teaching a lesson to the employees who were responsible of taking a wrong step. As per The New York Times, Papermaster’s exit also occurred due to a succession of hardware problems, including some errors with the iPod touch.

People who belong to Apple cultists along with Steve Jobs hold responsible scandalous bloggers as well as journalists for the iPhone 4 uproar, which is not a right thing to do.

The Illuminati and El Chupacabra played a major role can be held responsible for the antennagate, but the most important thing is that it cannot die, until Apple launches a new iPhone.