Survey Rubbishes Parents’ Fear of ‘Empty Nest Syndrome’

It is perceived that parents whose kids are on the verge of fleeing the cocoon become depressed, since they fear to suffer from depression and loneliness. However, on the contrary, a survey has revealed that almost within weeks after the kids have departed from the safe cocoon, the left-behind parents celebrate the whole instance quietly.

The survey sacked away the fears of ‘empty nest syndrome’ when their kids go away to study or take up a job, since a majority of the couples said that they enjoyed the time since it was almost like a new life found.

They found their economic status to have become better, feel fitter and be happier than before; also, a lot of the duos became sexually active.

The surveyors found that a lot of couples could give more time to each other since they did not have to spend that time in cooking, ironing clothes of their kids or in cleaning up the house, which otherwise would be in a state of mess created by their kids.

All psychologists know much about nest syndrome and are of the say that this could also lead to divorce, alcoholism and in some cases, even severe level of depression.