Dengue Threat Besieges U.S. Health Officials

Amidst rising concerns over the afflicting West Nile virus, the fears relating to another type of mosquito-borne virus called the dengue fever has rendered the U. S. Health Department jittery.

It is claimed that for the dengue fever is witnessed to be on a high for the first time in this country in nearly 60 years. However, Allen County Commissioner of Health Dr. Deborah McMahan had earlier delivered an advisory to area physicians in April, claiming that many among the U. S. relief workers coming from the earthquake hit Haiti has been tested positive for dengue.

The fever also known as break-bone fever is associated with symptoms like high fever, severe bone and joint pain and headache.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have expressed fears that the virus is on the verge of spreading its footprints in the north following the Florida cases reported recently.

The disease, which is caused by one of four different viruses, is spread when a mosquito bites an infected person and then carries the virus to another person.

Dengue fever is linked with four different types of fever, which directly hamper the immune system of the victim.

Public health experts have warned that the disease is engulfing the nation and it spreads when people get bitten and infected while coming from another country.