FCC Chairman a Facilitator Rather than a Regulator

While the civic objection over the FCC's private meetings with other Companies had made FCC drop all its meetings, Senator John Kerry states that this might lead the FCC to take up some regulatory decision for broadband lapse.

There is a probability that the Internet might get reorganized by way of redefining it as a Title II telecommunications service with the ongoing debate over broadband. The current session of the Congress, however, leaves no hope for compromise over broadband, says a Massachusetts Democrat.

And no matter how hard the FCC Chairman, Julius Genachowski tries, there is little probability that he will be able to seep it to the Congress.

Sanford analyst Craig Moffett said, “Yesterday’s end to negotiations simply made it official. It now seems that the FCC is painted into a corner... in a burning building made of wood”.

The FCC again has a way out of the situation and that is by postponing the whole issue by saying it is for public interest. One of the sources asserts that this would prove the point that the Chairman is not the regulator but instead is the facilitator of ‘business-to-business dialogues’.

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