Papermaster’s Renouncement Linked with Antennagate

The New York Times has reported the renouncement of Apple’s senior vice president of engineering for the iPhone and iPod, Mark Papermaster.

Bob Mansfield, Vice President of Macintosh Engineering, will hence be taking up the new task, said Apple spokesman Steve Dowling.

Papermaster’s arrival in the Company two years back had been followed by a lawsuit by IBM, stating that if he happened to move to Apple he would be breaching the noncompetition agreement he had signed.

Papermaster, who worked with IBM in the processor designing section, later ended up becoming IBM's Vice President of microprocessor technology development.

Speculations suggest that Papermaster’s departure is due to the complaints received earlier this summer concerning the iPhone 4's reception. This information, however, has yet not been confirmed by Dowling, who has so far not responded to the mails. He is not being associated with what Steve Jobs had called ‘Antennagate’ last month.

According to the Google’s cache, Papermaster's biography and photograph have already been chucked out last week from the Company’s official website.

Brian Marshall, an analyst with Gleacher & Company, however, says “When you have a company the size of Apple, you're going to have turnover at low levels and high levels. I don't see this as that big of deal”.