Memory-boosting Drug With Behavioral Therapy Beneficial for Drug Addicts

A novel study published in the Journal of Neuroscience has suggested that the use of certain memory-boosting drugs paired with some behavioral therapy may assist in curbing drug addiction.

The study outlined that D-cycloserine, a drug used for the treatment of fear and anxiety disorders, could serve as a medication for addicts to inhibit themselves from taking drugs.

These substance abusers, which offer behavioral treatment as well, assist drug addicts in keeping them from relapse. In many cases, anti-addiction drugs fail to prevent a person from falling back into old habits, uncovers www. sify. com.

The research study, done by a team of researchers from Yale University, was conducted on a number of rats.

"Extinction therapy usually only works where the therapy takes place, like a treatment center", Torregrossa explained. "Using drugs like D-cycloserine to make extinction work more broadly is a big advancement in the treatment of addiction".

The study findings have claimed that use of extinction therapy with D-cycloserine, could prevent chances of relapsing, even when a person lands in a varied environment.