Breast-feeding Event Hails Robust Participation

The national breast-feeding event - "The Big Latch On", initiated yesterday, witnessed huge assistance and involvement by regional women from Otago.

This year, the event hailed a whopping participation by a record 1474 women nationally, claimed to be up from 1299 last year.

The event organized at the end of World Breastfeeding Week is aimed to encourage breast-feeding moms and their babies to accumulate and spend a few moments nursing with one another.

In addition, the group at the event included indigenous mothers who had been facilitated with a robust training for providing breast-feeding assistance, advice and counseling for mothers, posted, Counselor Catkin Bartlett.

The Wakatipu event was organized by the Breast-Feeding Peer Support Group and the La Leche League.

The figures compiled from 2008 posited that 65% of Southland mothers were breast-feeding when their children were of a mere 6 weeks age, which was lower to the national target of 75%. However, the same was claimed to be at par with the national average.

Alexandra witnessed 11 mothers showing up with their babies at the Central Stories Museum and Art Galley.

"Central Stories is keen to promote itself as a family-friendly facility and we're happy to highlight various locations that are supportive of breast-feeding mothers", Ms. Thompson.