Virgin unveils 7.2Mbps mobile broadband service

Virgin Media introduced a new mobile broadband dongle that increased the speed up to 7.2Mbps. Virgin’s previous dongle was providing a speed of 3.6Mpbs.

Virgin claimed that its new dongle would allow its mobile broadband customers connect quicker and anywhere.

Virgin further added that improved speed would allow consumers to get access to their favorite TV shows as well as Youtube clips in much shorter time.

Speaking on the issue, Virgin Media’s executive director Graeme Oxby said, “We're thrilled to be offering this faster mobile broadband to our users.”

Virgin has offered a flexible one-month rolling contract or an 18-month service contract, as well as an option of either 1GB or 3GB of downloads each month.

The 1GB version will cost £8 a month, while the 3GB version will be available for £12 a month.