Rates of Hospital Bug Deaths Reduce Considerably, Official Stats Reveal

According to the official statistics, it has been said that the number of deaths caused by the hospital superbug has been found to be gradually decreasing. While the number of people in Scotland, who lost their lives because of Clostridium difficile or C.diff, in the year 2009, declined 139, in 2008 the number was 248. This reflects a decrease of about 44% in the number of deaths. Also, losses due to MRSA have slipped from 48 to 24, respectively.

Health Secretary, Nicola Sturgeon shared that this lessening of the number of deaths is making it evident that the control measures put in place by NHS, are effective. The figures released on Friday have been unveiled by General Register Office for Scotland.

Talking about the situation, she said that handling the problems related to superbugs like C.diff and MRSA have been made as priorities for the Scottish Government. Earlier, this year, after an outburst of C. diff, about 18 people died at the Vale of Leven hospital in Alexandria, during December 2007 to June 2008, and a public inquiry was launched thereafter.

She added that the faith of people in the in the quality provided in terms of health care by NHS is an important achievement. The rates of these infections have been slowly fading and presently the rate is “lowest since the monitoring began”, she said.