Woman Suffering from Dystonia, Called 'Flamingo Lady' in the UK

Joanne Day is suffering from an unusual disease called dystonia, which has forced her to stand on one leg. For this reason, she is being dubbed "flamingo lady".

British Daily Mail newspaper has revealed that patients, who suffer from this neurological disease, experience uncontrolled muscle contractions and spasms. Roughly, 1 in 1,500 individuals in the U.K. around 40,000, have dystonia.

Another victim of dystonia is Art Kessler of Chicago, who was detected with the condition, when he was ten years old, and has now got used to the contortions and the pain caused by the devastating disease.

Just as flamingoes stand on one leg, Joanne too has to stand on one leg because her left leg stays bent up toward her chest.

Dystonia has been observed in 13 types, but till date, no treatment has been found for this debilitating sickness. Dr. Cynthia Comella, Professor of neurological sciences at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago said that the general masses are not aware of dystonia and people with this condition are considered abnormal or eerie.

Kessler, President of the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation said, "My foot turned in, and then it progressed to my leg, and then my other leg, then my arms and then my back. I could stand up straight, but it looked like a board stuck up my back when I walked".

Joanne has gone under the knife for over 60 times, and takes morphine to cope with the pain.