Apple to Acquire Chinese Company Handseeing

Apple Inc. has been planning to acquire Handseeing Information Technology Co. Ltd, a Chinese software giant. The negotiations have been going between the two parties, as told by Vice-President for Operations of Handseeing, Tian Bo on Friday.

He said, "Any further news we have will be released to the media".

The details of the talks have not been disclosed yet, however, certain details might be divulged in the near future.

The Chinese Company Handseeing has spread its operations over Chengdu and Suzhou and was originated in 2006. It offers online gaming and provides "rich internet" applications.

It will be the first Company in China that Apple will take hold of. It will boost Apple’s position in the region, which has already started establishing its existence thereby, selling its smartphone iPhone through Unicom. The Wi-Fi version of the iPhone will also soon be launching in China.

Apple opened its second new retail store in Shanghai, last month.

The deal may realize within two months on an amount of around $46 billion.