Apple’s iPod turns drivers into zombie-like state: AA

The Automobile Association (AA), known for its roadside recovery service, has issued a warning that the use of iPod while driving could move motorists towards ‘iPod oblivion’.

The AA said that motorists must stop listening to music, and must concentrate on traffic as the use of iPods and mobile phones turn them into a zombie-like state.

Listening to music on the wheel not only risk the lives of the drivers, but of the pedestrians and joggers also, as a number of cases have already been reported where drivers crashed the cars on road railings while listening to iPods or phones.

But, it is not just iPods that are causing accidents. As per the AA, updating Facebook status on an iPhone, using satnav to try to figure out the location or checking emails also disturb drivers’ concentration.

Speaking on the topic, AA president Edmund King said, "AA patrols have noted a marked increase in the number of 'Ipod zombie pedestrians' and joggers oblivious to traffic around them as they cross busy roads.”

The AA statement also said that pedestrians' lack of attention might be a factor in some of the 500 pedestrian deaths or more than 26,000 pedestrian casualties during previous year.

The AA said that they saw a big increase in the number of drivers as well as pedestrians who are more focused on their mobile devices than the hazards of the road.