Clearwire Planning Migration to LTE in Future

4G wireless broadband has yet not attained its youth and many of the nation’s cellular carriers are toiling hard to devise their individual 4G implementations.

AT&T and Verizon Wireless are in the process of plans to implement Long Term Evolution service, set to be introduced in the later parts of this year or early phase of the approaching year.

Clearwire is quite sure that it will initiate the test LTE service in Phoenix and also, news is that Sprint might migrate to LTE at certain point, but for now, it uses WiMax.

Sprint, which is already committed to WiMax, will deliver 4G service at the earliest to its customers and will be the first one to do so.

Mark Elliot, Spokesperson of Sprint said that Clearwire’s LTE tests were a fraction of the plans to match shoulders with upcoming 4G technologies and also asses the kind of future, which this technology will have.

Ramon Llamas, IDC mobile phone Analyst thinks that HTC EVO 4G owners should not be worried since WiMax was not going anywhere for now.

He said that no signal was received either from Sprint or Clearwire that they were ready with LTE.

45 U. S. markets at the moment, have Sprint 4G readily available, which covers no less than 51 million people.