Google Wave Falls Short On Expectations

Just like the computers had once superseded typewriters years ago; similarly, Google had haughtily promised to introduce Google Wave that would supersede e-mail. This was an attempt by Google to give a communication and a collaboration tool for updating communication in today’s world.

But, the important part is that Google did not make it very clear about any useful guidance of its Wave. The Goggle Wave had been launched in May 2009 at the Google I/O conference, which the Company said that it will give an instant collaboration platform to all.

At that time, many people applauded this tool, as it was an unusual attempt of a mash-up of e-mails, instant messaging, live editing, photo and video sharing, which had never been experienced by anyone before.

But it seems as if the introduction of Wave has only been an exaggeration without any real content in it. It is because, even though every person is really excited to be a part of the Wave revolution, yet, nobody is aware of its benefits or none is acquainted with its know-how.

However, on the contrary, when Wave was launched in 2009, it was able to gather only 1 million users in a period of more than one year. On the other hand, the Google Buzz introduced in February 2010 has by now collected tens of millions of users. This clearly shows how much Wave has succeeded or has totally crashed down.