A Lofty 6ft-High Wasp Nest Discovered on Southampton Pub

Pest controller, Sean Whelan was amazed to look at the 6 ft-high wasp nest in the attic of Southampton, where around 500,000 wasps dwelled.

He said that after exterminating the insects, the nest was not removed from its place because of the gigantic size that it had formed.

Specialists from the Oxford University have verified that this has been the biggest wasp nest, which had ever been seen in Britain.

They were of the say that this was possibly the biggest ever found all through the world, in the preceding 50 years time period.

No details of the pub were disclosed since it requested to keep the name anonymous. Mr. Whelan informed BBC Radio that the wasps would never return to the nest and that is why, it was left to disintegrate on its own.

Further, Mr. Whelan informed that this one nest was a jumble of eight nests at one place. Also, he said while killing off, he could not decide where to start from, since the size was too big.

The experts are of the belief that the nest endured the winters of the preceding year and living till this time, made the size of the nest this big.

The size of this nest was 15 times bigger than the standard size of the nests seen in the UK.