Pioneering Surgery on Rebuilding Kid’s Windpipe with Stem Cells, Successfully Accomplished

A revolutionary surgical procedure upon an 11 year old boy’s rebuilding of windpipe, by making use of his own stem cells has been accomplished successfully, and now, the boy is fit to be discharged from the hospital.

Ciaran Finn-Lynch has become the first child in the world to have undergone this pioneering transplant process in the month of March.

Great Ormond Street Hospital’s doctors in London took out stem cells from the kid’s bone marrow and then jabbed them inside a donor windpipe, which had ripped of its stem cells.

After this, the organ was implanted and the stem cells were left to transform themselves inside his body system. By making use of his own cells, the doctors successfully averted the probable trouble of Ciaran’s immune system not accepting the transplanted organ.

Great Ormond Street informed that it was four weeks ago that the transplant was taken as an achievement, after it was proved by the doctors that the blood supply in the region of trachea was back.

Colleen and Paul, Ciaran’s parents now would take him back home for the foremost time ever since the month of November.

They said that they were really happy and all the previous months had not been less than a rollercoaster ride. However, they thanked the surgeons who helped saving their son’s life.