Research: Healthy Diet and Positive Thinking might Help to Put off Dementia

According to a study, if you eat healthy and keep your spirits high, the odds of developing dementia are severely reduced. By following these suggestions, a lot of youngsters all over the world can be lucky to evade or put off the probability of getting this disease, when they get old.

The research came out in the British Medical Journal.

Professor Clive Ballard, Director of Research at the Alzheimer's Society, said, "Effective prevention of diabetes, depression and heart disease could potentially improve the lives of millions of people affected by this cruel condition”.

He also said that it can help in decreasing the expenses that are splurged on the treatment of dementia patients, every year.

Dr. Karen Ritchie, a Neuropsychologist at the French National Institute of Medical Research, spearheaded a study, which reviewed the cognitive ability of 1,433 pensioners in Montpellier. After learning about their educational qualifications, medical record and living style, it came to the conclusion that intellectual exercises play a big role in contracting the devastating condition of dementia.

It was also found that those, who are suffering from depression, have a 10% bigger risk of acquiring the disease. On the other hand, people whose diet comprises fruits and vegetables less than twice a day had a 6.5% likelihood of getting it.