Saudi and RIM in Talks to Avoid Prohibition of Blackberry Handsets in the Nation

Saudi Arabia is deeming to put a prohibition on the usage of Blackberry phones, as it believes that the message service is encrypted, and therefore, cannot be supervised. According to a source aware of the matter, the two Companies are in discussions to resolve the dispute regarding the gadget’s encrypted network.

The Governments seek access to these encrypted messages, and the method to decrypt them so as to deal with terrorism and criminal actions.

It is reported that Canada is also in talks with Saudi Arabia and the UAE, as a ban on the device would adversely affect the expansion of RIM, which is the nation’s major tech export.

The source told Reuters, "RIM showed on Thursday a degree of flexibility that has not been there over the past three months. Progress is being made. We started debating the technicalities of new setups".

Meanwhile, a number of analysts are of the opinion that what the Governments are asking is not that easy to provide.

Kevin Restivo, a senior cell phone analyst at IDC said that the Government’s expectations are impractical and it is difficult to sustain this type of control in the long run.

Latest reports reveal that Algeria has also joined the horde to examine BlackBerry handsets.