State SC’s Ruling Demanding Google to Stand Trial for Biased Attitude

The state Supreme Court today declared that Google must stand a trial in court case that has been filed by a 54 year old man, who had been working with the firm but was sacked, since his co-workers would damn him for being an oldie working with young people.

The old man said that his colleagues would call him fuddy-duddy and his boss too would condemn him, saying that he was not a good ‘cultural-fit’ in the youth-centric firm.

It was s joint verdict offered by the mascots of law, where the court found that Brian Reid successfully brought sufficient evidence to prove that he was a victim of biased attitude, and therefore, justices rebuffed the arguments put forward by Google that had a support from business groups.

In cases like this one, it becomes necessary for workers to prove that their age, race or sex, played a factor responsible in their being given the ‘pink slip’.

A few other courts in other states have ruled that the statements that are made by firm’s decision makers should only be considered.

However, the court in California stated that it is the colleagues’ influence that works more when the so-called decision makers make their decisions.