First Person in NY Tests Positive to West Nile for the Season

City health officers informed that a 61 year old Bronx man contracted the West Nile virus and is the foremost person to have tested positive for the virus in the city.

The Bronx man’s identification has not been disclosed and is now under observation in a city hospital. The officers said that the man is also suffering from meningitis.

The Spokesperson of the health department said that she had no idea of when the man was brought in to the hospital.

West Nile virus is a kind of infection that is spread by mosquitoes, which can cause flu-like fever but of a modest level or at times there are no symptoms seen at all. People, aged above 50 can run high risk, since the virus can cause serious infectivity in the brain and the spinal cord.

Sarah MacGregor, the Owner of North Hampton, N.H. based Dragon Mosquito Control Inc., serving 27 municipalities in New Hampshire, said that mosquito motion in her state ran two weeks behind its neighbor to the south.

Three cases of West Nile virus were seen in NY dwellers in 2009 and 15 in the year 2008.

The virus was located in boroughs in the previous three weeks.