U.S.’ Plans ‘FutureGen 2.0’; Features the Clean Use of Coal Energy

A "clean coal" power plant will be set up in Illinois under the project "FutureGen 2.0", which aims at reducing the emission of carbon from the coal-burning power plants that adds to the green house effect.

Earlier, in 2003, George W. Bush’s attempts to launch the FutureGen didn’t accomplish due to the high costs.

The plan has been applauded by Obama Administration and he has granted $1 billion to this unique technology, which would boost employment and encourage the rectification of the climate. The plan was inaugurated by Mr. Obama, the last year.

The funds will be employed by FutureGen Alliance and Ameren Corp., Babcock & Wilcox and Air Liquide Process & Construction Inc., as told by the U. S. Energy Department. The monetary assistance will help in the modification of Ameren coal-power plant in Meredosia. Also, a pipeline network will be constructed to carry and amass more than one million tons of carbon-dioxide a year in Mattoon, Ill.

The project would employ oxy-combustion technology, which blazes coal with a combination of oxygen and carbon dioxide, so that carbon dioxide, thus generated, can be stored safely and the gas evolving would be used to produce electricity.

There have been apprehensions about the feasibility of the project, as critics are of the view that the plan is nothing, but a wastage of resources, as there is no possibility that the combustion of coal can be used as clean energy.

Sen. Tom Coburn, the Oklahoma Republican satires that the project is a political agenda and not an attempt of science.