Facebook for Android Updated; Vonage Allows Voice on Facebook

Even though, Facebook for Android has been updated on Tuesday to version 1.3.0, yet it can be just regarded as another improvement, because it is still not as stylish and easy to use, as is the Facebook for iPhone.

These improvements, or the updates, include a done-up interface as soon as you boot-up, with seven icons of news feed, profile, friends, photos, message in-box, events, and pending friend requests. Out of these, the last two icons are the add-ons, which will help the user to easily handle the Facebook account.

The next update is a photo reel, which is located just below the icon dashboard. This reel allows the user to run through the newly updated photographs of the friends. But no context will be shown around the images till the time one actually clicks on a snap and goes to his or her friend’s profile page. Plus, a sliding list opens up for notifications in the notification bar, on the start page or the home page of a user, to share the latest news and updates.

In addition, the VoIP-provider Vonage, which is also one of the topmost online advertisers, is doing much more for the Facebook users. Vonage will allow the users to make VoIP calls to their friends on the social network. This is the first step through which voice communication will also be possible on Facebook, and Vonage gets the credit for this attempt.