BlackBerry Torch 9800 Unveiled In Tandem with AT&T

On Tuesday, RIM unveiled its latest array of smartphones, with the spectacular BlackBerry Torch, grabbing unsurpassed attention.

The latest smartphone, hailing from a Canada-based Company includes a string of robust features. Its new Web browser, new apps, a new interface, and new social networking facilities make it an ideal phone.

The phone, operating on BlackBerry OS 6, boosts of its slide-out physical keyboard. The device is slated to hit the store shelves by August 12 and will be retailed for $199 on AT&T’s network.

The phone supports wireless connections, Bluetooth 2.1 and has a 4 hours 36 minutes battery life.

The phone to be available in black and silver features a spectacular 4.4 by 2.4 by .6 inch (HWD) screen with a 5.7 ounce Torch. Besides, flaunting its soft-touch back and a sophisticated heft, the phone has a decent premier plastic body.

Midst several smartphones in the current competitive market, the one offering the most features or the one low on budget can survive the tough market. The BlackBerry Torch, however, is silent on both the factors.

The phone is being criticized that matching the cost of iPhone 4, it ought to facilitate something new in order to grab the edge.