‘Kansas City Race’ All Set to Begin

‘Kansas City Race’ was introduced by Susan G. Komen in the memory of her aunts Sharon and Nadine; a initiation to cure the patients suffering from breast cancer and to raise funds for breast cancer research, education, screening and its treatment.

Last year, around 28,000 people joined the program and raised $1.2 million. It is its 17th anniversary this year and it has been estimated that funds amounting to $1.3 million would come its way.

The registration fee for the event is $30-$35.

Komen is alleging a lot many other charity organizations, which are using its group’s trademarks including slogans, the color ‘pink’ and its name. A number of kite fliers, kayakers and many other fund-raising organizations have been accused by her for committing such doings. But, they are viewing this approach as non-friendly and are saying that these trademarks are not owned by Komen explicitly and she is unnecessary pulling them in a row.

Mary Ann Tighe, a lung-cancer fund-raiser who runs a "Kites for a Cure" expressed that she was asked by Komen to shun the color pink, last year, which she denied and continued using. But, as the legal battle got intense, she agreed to keep distance from the pink ribbons.

Organizations by adopting the names and logos of big charities dodge people and fetch significant amount of funds from them.

Andrew Price, a trademark attorney at Venable LLP in Washington said, "The days are probably over when nonprofits just said, we’ll just get along with anybody who's a nonprofit because we're all trying to do good here”.