Corn Lobby Group Denied Findings that Fructose Can Lead to Cancer

A new study conducted by the scientists at UCLA brought out that a sweetener called fructose can give birth to cancer.

The paper was published in the journal "Cancer Research" on August 1.

The heavy consumption of fructose can lead to different types of cancer and is a major threat to pancreatic cancer, as told by Dr. Anthony Heaney, Associate Professor of Medicine and Neurosurgery at the university's cancer center and the lead author of the study.

He added that the paper would put forward many a health recommendations. He urged American Government to make efforts to lessen consumption of high-fructose corn syrup in the diets of the people of their country.

Heaney said, "The bottom line is the modern diet contains a lot of refined sugar including fructose and it's a hidden danger implicated in a lot of modern diseases, such as obesity, diabetes and fatty liver".

There is high-content of fructose found in corns. The corn lobby group ridiculed the findings on the ground that it depends on the consumption pattern of the humans that how they imbalance their diet and the corns are tested in laboratories, so no significant results can be known of their ill-effects in humans.

The soft drinks are the other major source of high concentration of fructose, which is widely consumed in America.

But, the results of the study are declined by HFCS’ producers and food manufacturers, as they are of the view that fructose is not as harmful as sugar and people can continue taking corn-syrup.